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How 3D Printing Will Change The WorldOne of the most trending things in the world right now is the enthusiasm of creative hobbyist 3D printers. People have used 3D printing in almost every field from entertainment to arts, and from education to weaponry. The way things are going, it is very clear that 3D printing is going to be one of the most important things in the next few years and here is how.

Fast Replacement
Presently, the only way to get a replacement for a broken electronic part or any other item is to go to the store. But with 3D printing, people can manufacture a broken part right inside their house any day, anytime. This will save people money and the time required to find a new part, especially for products that are mostly not available locally.

Cheaper home construction
With the cost of building a home going higher and higher, the world can really use a cost effective home builder right now. 3D printers can be used to build homes from recycled materials in a cost effective way. This will be more beneficial for developing countries with serious housing problems.

Already, many people are taking advantage of this amazing technology to bring a new meaning to the lives of amputees. 3D printing can be used to build prosthetics with pinpoint accuracy. Replacements may not even require a specialist anymore, since you can just build the thing inside your house.

Food printers
Some printers have been designed to print food from simple materials. You can print so many food items like candies, pizza, chocolate etc.

Goodbye to plastic waste
One of the greatest problems the human race is facing right now is plastic waste. So serious those big sea mammals are dying in their hundreds after swallowing plastics – thinking it is food. People can now print their own plastics using 3D printers with biodegradable materials. It’s about time we save our environment using 3D.

Hobbyist museums
With 3D printers, people can now create anything and put it on display for others to see. This will serve as a relaxation time and an opportunity to get some inspirations. Honestly, people have created some amazing 3D products from 3D printers that will just blow your mind away. The medium will also serve as an opportunity for people to interact and share ideas.

3D Printers

Human organ printing
Many people have died just because they couldn’t find a replacement for damaged body parts. Rather than wait for a donor, which may or may not match, doctors can now take a cell from a patient and build custom made body parts. This will eventually save lives and reduce the overbearing medical cost of getting a donor.

Weapons on demand
Now, people can print their own weapons at home that can be as good as the factory manufactured ones. There are many online resources including eBooks, videos and articles that will teach you how to do this effectively.
Really, the opportunities of 3D printing are endless. You only need to open your mind and let ideas flow. 3D printing is here to stay and will change the world.

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