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Which Is The Best 3D PRINTER?There are so many 3D printers in the market. Most of them will work for almost anything, but some of them are very much specialized to a particular function. Once you know the purpose of your 3D printing, the next thing is to find out where to get the best 3D printer that will do the job for you. Here are some of the best 3D printer models in the market.

Ultimate 2

This 3D printer is one of the best in the market because of its multinational abilities. It comes with a solid build plate and heated bed, and is one of the most sort after HD 3D Pen Printers at the moment. One of the reasons why people like this printer is the ability to set it to multiple advanced controls. This is made possible by its open source software and hardware which allows you to tweak it into anything you like.
Also, the online community is very much used to this machine, so you are more likely to get a solid advice for solutions if you run into any problems using it. You’ll require at least $2,500 to acquire it but the money is really worth it.

Maker gear M2
This 3D printer is already in its third generation, years ahead of its peers in the relatively new 3D printing industry. The machine is built on solid metal, giving it the ability to withstand any bashing or pressure that might ever come upon it. Another good thing with Maker gear M2 is its ability to print using both the PLA and ABS 3D printing systems. Many community users have confessed that they have been using the printer for more than two years without it developing any faults. The machine’s software is open source and can print dimensions of up to 203x254x203mm. You can be a proud owner of Maker gear 2 with just $1,500.

Lulzbottaz 4
This opens source 3D printer in its fourth generation comes with a built in heated bed and an exchangeable extruder system. It allows you to make a wide range of printing customization, and can use any filament types including HIBS, PLA, Ninja Flex, ABS etc. The machine also has a large community that is working day and night to ensure its improvement, in case you run out of creative ideas. Lulzbottaz 4 is not just a plug and play printer; it is something designed to help people get to know about the technology behind 3D printing. But this doesn’t mean that beginners cannot use it, as instructions for creating 3D prints are simple and easy to understand. This printer costs something around $2,200 in the online market place.

There are many more 3D printers in the market, but these three have been chosen because of their high quality printing, build quality, ease of use and design. And most importantly, they have a great community of users that have testified to their efficiency, suggesting to their improvement and ready to give you the best advice to solve problems if run into a situation.

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